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Firehawk Industries is a leading manufacturer of pressure washers and parts. We have everything from sprayers and nozzels to replacement parts. If you are looking for a pressure washer for your home or business you can find exactly what you need in one place.

When shopping for a new pressure washer please consider what your needs will be and let us help direct you into a knowledgable decision for your purchase. Our experienced staff and sales associates are ready to answer even the toughest questions about the different uses of equipment and what type of benifit and features it will provide you for your type of application.

For the best possible solution, please take some time to look around our online pressure washer line of products and don’t hesitate to fill out our contact form or call us for more information. We want to make your purchase experience a smooth and easy process.


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Company History

In 1958, Ernest Mingst laid the foundation for Firehawk Industries when he started building steam cleaners under the company Northeast Industries Inc. Thanks to the success of his innovative Northeast Vapor Jet Steam Cleaner, Mingst soon began building private-label machines for W.W. Grainger, eventually turning out nearly a half a million machines for the company.

Mingst continued to revolutionize the industry during the 1960s when he began building hot water high pressure washers in addition to his dependable and efficient steam cleaners. His unique products incorporated a burner that was custom designed and built by his employees, thus establishing his company one of the first producers of hot water pressure washing units.

Over the next three decades, Mingst and Northeast Industries continued to manufacture high-quality steam cleaners and pressure washers while continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of his customers. During that time, Northeast’s products were sold through more than 400 construction equipment businesses, industrial supply houses, chemical manufacturers and janitorial supply houses.

In 1998, the current owner acquired Northeast Industries, eventually changing the name to Firehawk Industries two years later.

Quality with a Personal Touch

Under the supervision of the current owner, Firehawk Industries continues to operate with a dedication to quality and personalized service. We are a family owned and operated company with a solid reputation for manufacturing the highest-quality industrial pressure washer systems, including our industry-standard wall-mount pressure washers.

Each and every one of our products is backed by our unbeatable customer service and responsiveness. Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer all your questions and ensure you are satisfied with your purchases from us. Today’s market is flooded with thousands of pressure washer machines, but no other company can match the level of quality and service found from Firehawk Industries.

Outstanding Products

Every Firehawk Industries product is designed and manufactured to meet the highest performance and reliability standards. We offer a broad range of items, including our wall mounts, hot and cold water pressure washers, pressure washer accessories, steam cleaners, steam guns, commercial Beckett burner parts and 9-gallon plastic fuel tanks. We also offer trailer-mount and custom-made machines that are built to meet your special needs.

With a full line of products and dedication to our customers, we’re certain you won’t find Firehawk Industries’ commitment to quality craftsmanship,

cutting-edge technology, dependability and service anywhere else.

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